I want to thank you and Andrene for everything. The seminar was more than I expected. From the moment that I walked into the shop until the moment I left.  Just the entrance and  your uniformed look got me!  Then Andrene did her thing.  I will never be able to thank the both of you for setting me on a new path with my business. Presentation is one of my new focus and educating myself on Avon product line is on the top on my list.  Knowledge is power. Thanks again for setting me on a different path".

Linda M. Gibson 

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Sunny wrote: "Thank you Towana, My Sweet Friend and to Pandora's Box Events ! My party was fabulous, the Dynamic DJ Claudette who kept everybody on the dance floor, Our Photographer Simone, the beautiful young women who kept the food coming, for Floyd- Our Handsome Bartender.... and of course Donna the dreamer, and designer of the event and to Mar for making all the goodies, and her sweetheart for doing the courtesy of tasting everything! Love you Guys!!!"

Hi PandorasBox,

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Suzzette wrote: "I'm watching the David Tutera Unveiled wedding planning reality show. Wedding planners are really special people. They have to deal with so many personalities and emotions. Special s/o to my wedding planner Pandora's Box Evevents. Makes me really appreciate them!"

Hi PandorasBox,

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Lydia wrote: "Wow,The Crew Pandora's Box Events just leaving, we had a productive day Aleah's outfits are on point Marlene is doing her thing, Claudette doing her thing with the music, Donna well she's just doing everything, she's the mastermind behind the production. I'm so overwhelmed I just don't even know what to say......THANK YA'LL SO MUCH ♥"

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