While developing a passion for creativity at a young age and throughout her educational career, Donna Fearon majored in Fashion Design, with additional courses in Fashion Modeling, Interior Design, Cosmetology, and Meetings and Events Management.

Her certified trainning, hands on experience and  academic achievements led to her starting her own businesses; Simply Donna Productions, Hair Designers-Designer /  Pandora’s Box Beauty Studio After over 30 years of being in the Hair, Beauty and Design Business, Donna decided it was time to fuse all her talents  and follow another one of her passion: Meeting, Wedding  and Events Planning. With her impecable taste and attention to details, Donna ventured on her quest to find individuals who, like her, believed in providing exceptional customer service.


South Florida weddings and events planners

Throughout the years, Donna and her partner crossed paths with numerous like minded individuals, a team of talented and creative individuals who share as much passion for the business as she does. These specially selected individuals were actively recruited by Donna. The result of the recruitment was the formation of our regular service partners; now also include several local performing artists. The synchronized harmony was a vision that became Pandora's Box Events.

She is often asked, “Donna, how do you come up with these creative themes and ideas?” Each event theme blows every client away. They are always original. Donna’s reply is, “After meeting and listening to each client’s wants and needs, I start picturing these ideas in my mind, and then my imagination takes over. My fulfillment at the end of the day, is seeing the satisfaction in the face of each and every client, and knowing that their special event will be unforgettable”.